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How to Boost WiFi Signal with Aluminum Foil [Infographic]

Boost WiFi Signal Using Aluminum Foil, Aluminum Foil Boost Strength, Aluminum foil increase wifi signal

So your WiFi’s signals are bad in corners of the house? No worries, here’s the guide on how to boost WiFi signal with Aluminum foil. 😀 You can easily strengthen your WiFi’s signal using Aluminum foil which acts as a cheap WiFi extender. Simply go…

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Best Laptops for Writers 2017 – Crazy Performance (Top 15)

Best Laptops for Writers, Best Laptops for Bloggers, Best laptops for journalists

Can you buy a crazy-performing laptop for writing in 2017?  The answer is a big ‘YES‘. Being a writer, it’s really important to able to stay connected with your clients. How can you carry your unfinished writing? Well, here are the top picked and best…

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